The Bisbee Chair is a foam-filled chair, made from recycled shredded foam. Similar to a bean bag chair, the Bisbee is a great chair to relax & decompress on. Choose two fabrics for a two-tone or color-blocked look.

List Price: $542

Details & Dimensions


Foam: Upcycled Shredded Foam: Medium Firm – 50 lb.
Easy-to-remove, zippered upholstery cover.

L: 24″ W: 24″ H: 32″ SH: 18″ COM: 1.5 yds

Standard Fabric

Havana Chocolate

Havana Cranberry

Havana Indigo

Havana Mandarin

Havana Meadow

Havana Metal

Havana Mocha

Havana Oatmeal

Havana Onyx

Havana Peacock

Havana Plum

Havana Rosewood

Havana Saffron

Havana Sea

Havana Silver

Havana Sky

Havana Spring

Havana Storm

Madras Amber

Madras Aubergine

Madras Bark

Madras Clementine

Madras Feldspar

Madras Parchment

Madras Royal

Madras Sangria

Madras Shadow

Matka Amber MT

Matka Aubergine MT

Matka Buff MT

Matka Burnish MT

Matka Cerulean MT

Matka Chamois MT

Matka Champagne MT

Matka Cherry MT

Matka Clover MT

Matka Harvest MT

Matka Lapis MT

Matka Midnight MT

Matka Mist MT

Matka Mocha MT

Matka Peacock MT

Matka Saffron MT

Matka Seafoam MT

Matka Sepia MT

Matka Shadow MT

Matka Shiitake MT

Matka Spring MT

Matka Titanium MT

Matka Veil MT

Matka Wine MT

Patio Aquatint

Patio Basket

Patio Citron

Patio Coral Reef

Patio Cyberspace

Patio Jungle

Patio Mediterranean

Patio Oceanic

Patio Sangria

Patio Sea Salt

Patio Slate

Patio Sunshine

Patio Vellum

Rumba Abalone

Rumba Bisque

Rumba Butterscotch

Rumba Cardinal

Rumba Char

Rumba Cinnabar

Rumba Cobalt

Rumba Fossil

Rumba Lime

Rumba Spa

Sherlock Aquatint

Sherlock Camel

Sherlock Charcoal

Sherlock Dorian Gray

Sherlock Keyboard

Sherlock Mandarin

Sherlock Mint

Sherlock Navy

Sherlock Rouge

Sherlock Royal

Sherlock Sable

Sherlock Straw

Tango Camel

Tango Coral

Tango Flint

Tango Harbor

Tango Limeade

Tango Raspberry

Tango Sangria

Tango Skyline

Tango Sunrise

Tango Surfside