About Us

We founded Venue Industries in 2007 to spawn creative, custom furniture solutions for commercial spaces.

With the demand for custom furniture on the rise, designers and procurement firms needed a quick fix, so we stepped in.

Venue Industries is headquartered in sunny Tampa, Florida. We are a commercial furniture manufacturer with an eye for innovation and design. We offer product design, furniture layouts, built-to-order domestic products and a diverse product mix for all commercial industries.

We continue to move the needle in these segments of hospitality and contract furniture: offices, restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, colleges, healthcare, and mixed-use spaces.

We are as designer-friendly as they come.

We work in tandem with designers and design teams because we believe a collective pool of knowledge & experience brings about the best results. We become an extension of their ingenuity in order to create the most idyllic environments for their clients.

Design support is offered with any purchase, no matter how large or how small. Focusing on customer support is paramount and it allows us to form lasting bonds with the architectural design community. Our commitment to collaboration is what has kept us growing for over a decade now.

commercial design material flatlay rainbow

We source only the highest quality materials.

Craftsmanship is a critical factor in furniture-making. It’s the human element, it’s pride, it’s creating something praise-worthy that is an extension of oneself, it’s the grit under the nail, the long hours stooped over. Great craftsmanship is what we cultivate at our company, and that’s why our furniture is extremely durable and well-designed.

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Good ideas come from a diverse, collective mind. Through diversity & inclusion we create a foundation for continual innovation.

The best future is one where everyone feels welcome and accepted, that’s why we honor and respect our differences while creating a safe space for conversation. We’re dedicated to promoting a workplace that thrives on thought diversity and inclusivity. Fostering equity through wage transparency, skills-based hiring and accessible job descriptions are just a few of the ways we nurture equality at Venue Industries.

We understand that a commitment to cultural inclusivity, neurodiversity, self-identity and religious practices is paramount for maintaining an engaged & happy workforce. Seeing value in each person’s unique perspective and life experiences is the first step towards success.

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