Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is an international consulting firm for a multitude of industries. Boston Consulting Group’s office in Chicago, Illinois is a 45,000 square-foot space that boasts over 500 employees. The office space has been occupied by Boston Consulting Group since 1979 and it was the third U.S. office to open. The building has a 360° view of the river and the surrounding city.


Boston Consulting Group defines its office culture as “informal, highly collegial, and egalitarian” and their branding highlights diversity. To work for Boston Consulting Group means to work for justice and opportunity. Our vision was to reflect these values in the furniture we created for them.


CLIENT: Boston Consulting Group

LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois

DESIGN GROUP: Thomas Interiors

PRODUCTS: S-shaped Sofa

WORKSPACES: Common area


custom commercial furniture case study graphic

We were brought on to the project by Thomas Interiors in 2019. The client had indicated that they had their eye on an $18,000 Italian sofa, but they didn’t want to spend that much or wait 16 weeks for the manufacturer to deliver. We knew we could produce something just as impressive, at a much lower price point. The designer sent over the plans for the sofa — it needed to be curved with a low back. They wanted two units, which could be placed adjacent to each other to form an ‘S’ curve.

Our project managers assessed the specifications and decided to add ganging devices to the units, so they could easily be combined. The entirety of the sofa was made with smooth, upholstered fabric and cushions attached with velcro strips. The base of the sofa was 3″ foam and internally webbed. Although the fabric was specified as leather, our project managers and the designer determined that a 97% wool fabric would be more sustainable and coincide better with Boston Consulting Group’s values.





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