Commercial Upholstered Sofas

Commercial Upholstered Sofas for Healthcare, Education, Collaborative Workspaces, Co-Work, Retail, Family Entertainment Centers, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, and Office Spaces

The sofa. The couch. The settee. No matter what you call it, it’s where we congregate to converse and unwind.

It’s also the main staple and one of the largest pieces of furniture in a given space.

Traditional upholstery has come a long way from the use of materials in the 1850s such as animal hair (horse, hog, and cow), coir, straw and hay, hessians, linen scrims, wadding, etc…not very appealing. What hasn’t changed is the commitment of upholstery to be done by hand, building on layers at least for our sofas.

Venue sofas command attention with their individual characteristics of modern, swanky, yet practical styles, and fully upholstered by hand.

Our fully upholstered sofa designs travel the States with their bravura such as the Greenwich, Kensington, Lincoln Park, Pacifica, or the San Diego.

Go fun futuristic with the Pine Island; get groovy sophistication with the Gastown U-Shape; tread on trendy with the Tribeca single or double sofa; ooze sultry retro with the Legacy, or dig into digital with the Digit Modular System.

Pair with matching loveseat and chair from select designs for the complete collection or fuse with well-defined pieces for an unmistakable look.

These fully upholstered and customizable sofa designs work well in a variety of settings, including hospitality, retail, and commercial office, family entertainment centers, and collaborative spaces with their uptown looks and their superior quality finishes.

Choose from our standard line of booths and banquettes or send us your spec and layout for a custom quote