Commercial Upholstered Chairs

Commercial and Contract Upholstered Chairs for Healthcare, Education, Collaborative Workspace, Co-Work, Retail, Family Entertainment Centers, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, and Office Spaces

Taking a page from the splendor of ancient Egypt known as the inventors of the chair, our upholstered chairs are rich, meticulous, classic, and strikingly beautiful.

And like the Egyptians, we pay attention to detail with stunning material, masterly crafted finishes, and verve.

Lounge around in the Anastasia; go to town in the Youngstown; be regal in the Santa Ana, or jazz it up in the Sacramento.

With our traditional, refined, edgy, and diverse array of modern upholstered chairs, we create a look for any interior occasion.

Pair them, match them, or keep them solo. Design is about imagination and the art of creating an environment that is singularly functional. Our modern upholstered chairs enable you to create that space for retail, office, hospitality, healthcare, education, social club, or FEC.

Find a style that inspires you from our complete selection of modern upholstered chairs or build your desired environment with our skilled design consultants who will pull an entire furniture layout together and work with your budget for any interior space. Don’t see anything you absolutely love?

We’ll custom-design a modern upholstered chair to your specs.

Choose from our standard line of upholstered chairs or send us your spec’s and layout for a custom quote