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  • hybrid workplaces biophilic design blog article

    Humoring Hybrid: 4 Ways to Design for Hybrid Workplaces

    Adjusting our societal needs to reflect the post-pandemic workscape has caused a staggering paradigm shift for employers and employees. With phenomena like the Great Resignation and the Great Rethink, companies & workers are reassessing what they want out of the labor experience. The emergence of COVID-19 has caused employees to dig deeper into existential questions …

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    Antimicrobial Fabrics & Surfaces: The Post-Pandemic Design Solution

    While we continue to wash our hands, stay at our homes and abide by social distancing recommendations; there’s still the elephant in the room — how will we, as a global community, prevent something of this magnitude from happening again? It’s our social responsibility, as a brand, to create solutions within our industry to prevent …

  • office pod in work environment

    Reinventing the Cubicle: Office Pods & Their Advantages

    Conventional cubicles have experienced a slow death over the decades. Their own creator, Robert Propst, even despised them. His intention was to create customizable spaces where workers could experience privacy and reduced distractions. The actuality of the cubicle was far from this ideal. What was intended to liberate employees, instead confined them and stopped the …

  • 5 Ways Activity-Based Workplace Design Impacts Contract Furniture

    70% of participants in a study say an activity-based workplace design environment increases their productivity, and two-thirds feel their work is more stimulating (Kinnarps). Over 60% in a survey say they have more energy in an activity-based working environment (Kinnarps). Almost 80% of employees say their productivity is influenced by whether or not they have [...] More