Seating Pods

Seating Pods for Healthcare, Education, Collaborative Workspaces, Co-Work, Retail, Family Entertainment Centers, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, and Office Spaces

Custom-made seating pods for open office environments and co-work spaces.

With over 70% of open floorplan offices in the U.S. and 63% of workers complaining about having no privacy, it’s no surprise seating pods may be the best alternative to large collaborative spaces for some companies.

No more distractions, noise, and overstimulation from working in an exposed space with Venue’s custom-made seating pods.

Semi-private, fully upholstered and comfortable seating pods provide the perfect work environment for small meetings or individual workspace; maximizing an individual’s time spent at work. Escape with the Bondi pod custom-made to accommodate 2, 4, or 6 people.

Our on-demand pods, such as the Q-Bo, are designed to be assembled on-site to create a synergetic work environment and serves as a stand-alone room making them a consummate workspace remedy with the ability to configure into today’s open floorplan. Not to mention, on-demand seating pods eliminate the need for permitting and construction.

Workspaces never looked this good or have been this versatile. Our semi-private pods serve as the best answer for last-minute gatherings with co-workers, client meetings, study with fellow students or to hold extensive brainstorming sessions without the need of bulky, impersonal conference rooms or static traditional offices. They also reduce distractions and sound making them the ultimate space to get things done.

Contact our design team for an in-depth look of our seating pod collections and find out of this intimate solution is the right fit to a very public open floorplan.


Q-Bo Seating Pod

Choose from our standard line of booth and banquettes or send us your specs and layout for a custom quote.