Booths & Banquettes for Healthcare, Education, Collaborative Workspaces, Co-Work, Retail, Family Entertainment Centers, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, and Office Spaces

Our American-made commercial booths and banquettes enhance the ambiance of any interior space with a wide range of design options like; wood veneer or laminate bases, toe kicks and frames, and upholstery options like diamond tufting, square tufting or channels.

Seat options like; webbed seats, sinuous spring seats, and foam cushions. Our standard features include; engineered wood components cut on CNC, hand-made upholstery, high-density foam there’s nothing average about our stunning booths and banquettes.

Guests can cozy-up in our booths or banquettes no matter what the application, either as a seating for tables, a free-standing lobby layout, or seating for a corporate interior.

Be adventurous and mix and match our commercial booth or banquette styles; go modern or traditional there’s no right or wrong only imagination when creating a fabulous furniture layout for hotels, restaurants, bars, retail, family centers, or collaborative spaces.

From the classic look of the Georgetown circular booth to the plush Westminster to the funky Fitzroy to the hip Hive, all our booths and banquettes run the gamut of chic designs and fun functionality.

Our commercial booths and banquettes are perfect to arrange in hospitality and contract settings such as the intimacy of the Alperton booth with privacy walls for bars and restaurants, or the amusing modular seating system of the Boxed for family entertainment centers, or the high back and rich fabric of the Bromley booth for a hotel lobby.

No matter the space, we have a booth or banquette that amplifies the atmosphere in virtually any environment.

Q-Bo Seating Pod

Choose from our standard line of booth and banquettes or send us your specs and layout for a custom quote.