Custom Commercial Metal Chairs

Custom Commercial Metal Chairs for Healthcare, Education, Collaborative workspace, Co-Work, Retail, Family Entertainment Centers, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, and Office Spaces

When people think of custom commercial metal chairs, they think of cold, hard, and uncomfortable.
Although our custom commercial metal chairs are made of this shiny medium, they’re durable, comfy, stylish, and American-made designed with the highest standard of steel, customized seats, powder coated in any color, and perfect for settings such as bars, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and bistros.

Dine sitting in the Harrisburg; swivel in the Jailhouse, or kick back in the Philadelphia. No matter the venue or occasion, Venue custom commercial metal chairs complement any setting from formal to casual and from bar to community table.

Our custom commercial metal chairs are, built to order and constructed from the finest raw materials and come in a plethora of designs to select from for bar to counter stools to swivel chairs.

Why a metal? Not all furniture material can withstand high traffic environments. If well-maintained, custom commercial metal furniture can last up to 20 years. Make sure when selecting metal chairs or for that matter, any metal furniture, that it is powder coated so that it does not need maintenance.

Not seeing something you like from our custom commercial metal chair selection? No problem. Send us your metal chair spec and we will source or produce your design.

Choose from our wide range of standard custom commercial metal chairs and matching stools or send us your chair specifications a custom quote.