Hospitality Furniture Trends for 2020

The problem to solve in 2020 is, ‘How do I turn my restaurant into a destination, not just a source of food?’. Creating an environment that is overtly instagrammable is becoming a must. Restaurants are buying into pop culture trends and expanding their social media presence to capture the buying power of younger generations. However, a brand needs substance and not just flashy, digital prowess. Keeping quality in check, while maintaining a charismatic, enticing persona is 2020’s gold standard.

A multitude of factors can affect how long a customer will stay in a restaurant, or how likely they are to return. The key focus should be ambiance. The overall character of a restaurant is comprised of visual, physical and intangible counterparts. Furniture is a huge defining attribute of any restaurant. Restaurant owners need to be able to recognize trends and seek inspiration for furniture layouts that will provide the right feng shui for their clientele. Let’s jump into some furniture trends that we’re anticipating in 2020.


Banquettes & Booths

You know that moment when the hostess leads you to your table and only one side of the table has big, comfy padding and the other side is just sad, metal chairs? You and the rest of your party start bee-lining it to the booth side and the weaker of the pack settles for the chairs. Yeah, we know the struggle. Luckily, 2020 is going to bring with it the resurgence of booths and banquettes. These types of seats scream ‘luxury’ and customers will certainly appreciate the comfort. Booths and banquettes are elegant and easily customizable. There’s a variety of tufting options to explore. There’s the classic diamond tufting, biscuit button tufting, single-line tufting, vertical & horizontal channel tufting, and button-less tufting. All of these upholstery techniques can be applied to give your booth or banquette their own personality and add to the tone of your restaurant’s brand.

Luv Child, Tampa

Mixed Materials

The switch from minimalism to maximalism is coming, combinations of textiles and patterned prints will make it big in 2020. Textured tables, extremely detailed upholstery and mixed metals are expected. Bold, statement pieces, like these barstools, will be a defining characteristic of a restaurant’s brand identity. Multiple fabric choices will pair together to create visually indulgent and memorable furniture. Complementary organic and geometric patterns make for unique backgrounds for social media content and instagram-worthy scenery.

Steelbach, Tampa

Shapely Furniture

Another trend we’re seeing popping up everywhere is geometric, 3D-esque furniture. Bulbous chair designs with architecturally inspired frames are eye-catching pieces that work well on restaurant patios. Outdoor furniture is sometimes an afterthought or seen as less important to the main dining room. However, it’s sometimes the first impression a passersby will get from a restaurant.

Nest Chair

The hospitality industry is evolving in such a way that demands the innovation of all aspects of eating out. No longer are restaurants places where you drop in for a quick bite, now they’re fulfilling more than just our basic need of hunger. Restaurants have grown into spots to gather, socialize, co-work and host business meetings. People are staying longer and the longer they stay, the more they spend. Finding the right furniture to keep your customers happy and comfortable is our main priority. Look no further than Venue Industries.

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