Venue Industries COVID-19 FAQ

With the spread of COVID-19, there have arisen many economic and healthcare-related challenges that have left no life untouched. As a global community, we are all suffering from the consequences of this pandemic. Venue Industries is very empathetic to the needs of our community in this uncertain time. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to begin manufacturing face masks for our local hospitals and healthcare practitioners.

Are you still open and taking orders?

Yes, we remain open and are continuing to fulfill orders.

Who can I contact for a quote?

Please contact for any pricing information.

How is your company responding to COVID-19?

We have significantly reduced our staff on the factory floor to maintain social distancing recommendations. In addition to this, our office staff is currently working from home with the ability to attend meetings virtually.

How are lead times being impacted?

We are projecting lead times of 8-12 weeks, as of now.