Collaborative Seating

Collaborative Seating for Healthcare, Education, Collaborative Workspaces, Co-Work, Retail, Family Entertainment Centers, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, and Office Spaces

Custom-made collaborative seating solutions for open office environments and co-work spaces.

How cool and functional is your workspace? Your office design speaks volumes to people who visit or even search your company online. Most importantly, it sets the tone for your corporate culture.

That culture is driven by teamwork and its interior aesthetic. In fact, interior office design is so important, there are studies on this topic with one showing a direct link of how it plays a role in employees’ health. Another study reflects how bad or uncomfortable furniture in the workplace drives employees to label their environment as “depressing” and feel it hurts productivity.

The evolution of the comfortable, unconventional and open collaborative spaces starts with Venue’s Collaborative Seating collection.

Our uniquely versatile, widely convertible, and distinctively stylish collaborative collections transform large open office environments into integrated spaces designed without constraints of traditional desks and chairs, such as the Assemble collection.

Start a conversation with the Converse featuring dual action tablet arms and a cubby console for storage and power.

Create a unified comfortable lounge area or workspace by piecing together elements of chairs, ottomans, and side tables with Link Up. The “cool factor” of this collection is that each piece literally conforms to the next, creating a link.

No matter what your collaborative seating needs may be for your dynamic surroundings, the Venue collaborative seating collections are so multifaceted, they adapt to practically any environment. This makes it perfect for gathering spaces and common areas in education, co-work, office, or healthcare. Each collection is American made, CNC cut for consistency and accuracy and designed to promote productivity, boost potential, and ignite creativity.

Have a collaborative seating concept in mind but not sure if it’s a good fit for your space? Contact our design team to discuss your idea and we’ll turn your vision into reality. After all, custom is our standard.

Choose from our standard line of booth and banquettes or send us your specs and layout for a custom quote.